Sunday, 10 July 2016

JULY: Pyromancer Ascension

Modern season was officially upon us right after the first World Magic Cup Qualifier (WMCQ) had its winner. The two weekends following it, aside from the regular modern PR-pass tournaments in every shop, we saw multiple modern GPTs. To name a few: Dragonforge (Katipunan), Raxx (Marikina), Hobby Pro Central (BF Homes), NG ATC (Alabang), Modern Series Open at MDP and Wabshaq (Madcap Gaming), Regran Open Modern (Quezon City), PC Butlers (Sta Rosa) and Got Game (Makati Square).

July 3, less than a week before the scheduled second WMCQ, I brought my beloved Pyromancer Ascension deck at Got Game's modern GPT. I had the same sixty but differs a little with the fifteen. The said event had 60 plus players, six rounds and a cut to top eight playoffs. Here were my matches. 

Valakut 2-0
Ad naus 1-1
URW Nahiri 1-1
Affinity 2-1
Jund 2-1
Naya Burn 2-0
Q: Jund 0-2   

The event reminded me of three things. First, timing is very important against an Ad Nauseam deck. This archetype can win at instant speed even if you have an online Pyromancer Ascension on your table. All he will have to do is respond to one of your spell, either at your first spell or the spell before whatever your win condition, draw his entire library, use his Pact of Negations either in negating your spell or to protect his, and win from there via Lightning Storm. And if in case he does not have the combo pieces yet, he can still halt your offensive onslaught by firing an Angel's Grace or Silence.

Second, URW Nahiri Control deck, excluding Snapcaster Mage's flashback giving ability, has an average number of six to seven counter spells in its main; and two to three more plus other form of hate for your permanents in its sideboard. So if you find yourself paired against this deck, patience is going to be your best friend. Seize the moment when he taps out or when there are only a few lands available for him to use.

And third, keeping a one lander in a game three, is ... uhmmmm ... not a good idea.

Three days after, there were a lot of modern tournaments around the metro because July 6th was declared a non working holiday. After finishing all my obligations for the day, I went to the nearest to my home, Aaron Manalo's group at BGC High Street. I brought the same seventy-five. We started like six in the evening and had it four rounds. My matches were as follows.

Esper 2-0
Mono Black Control 2-1
RG Tron 2-0
4c Gifts Control 2-0    

Visions of Beyond was superb against Mono Black Control because it draws me heap of cards that I used in sustaining my momentum. Also, Noxious Revival did a great job keeping Gifts Esper's Unburial - Iona, Shield of Emeria route at bay. If you happen to be around BGC High Street on a Wednesday night, and is itching to play modern, you can find them at the second floor of Bo's Coffee BGC HS.

July 9, the day everyone was excited for. There were a total of 450 plus registered players; which means ten rounds plus day two top 8 playoffs. Unfortunately I had a miserable start dropping three of my first four games. I left the event two rounds before its scheduled completion with a 4-4 win-loss mark. My match ups were as follows:

Affinity - L
URW Nahiri - L
Jund - W
RG Tron - L
UW control - W
Ad Nauseam - W
Naya Burn - W
Elves - L

Before ending this, here's what I have in my modern calendar for the next few weeks. Enjoy!

July 2016
July 23 - PPTQ at NG ATC (Alabang)
July 23 - GPT at Dragonforge (Katipunan)
July 24 - PPTQ at Friday Quest (Mandaluyong)
July 24 - GPT at NG District (Imus)
July 30 - PPTQ at Wabshaq (Casimiro)            
July 31 - PPTQ at Kick Engines (Cubao)
July 31 - GPT at Raxx (Marikina) 

August 2016
August 6 - PPTQ at NG Gloritta (Makati)
August 6 - PPTQ at MTG Vault (Banawe)
August 6 - GPT at R4 (Zapote Road) 
August 6 - GPT at Hobby Pro (BF Homes)
August 6 - GPT at Regran (Quezon City)
August 6 - GPT at Madcap (San Pedro)
August 6 - GPT at Wabshaq (Casimiro)
August 7 - PPTQ at Madcap (San Pedro)
August 7 - GPT at Friday Quest (Mandaluyong)

 The RPTQ that these modern PPTQ feed can be found here.
Thank you very much for reading! 
-Paeng Paeng

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